Ersatzradhalter Body Mounted Jeep Wrangler JK 07-18 Poison Spyder PS1713010 Spare wheel holder Body Mounted

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Ersatzradhalter Body Mounted Jeep Wrangler JK 07-18 Poison Spyder PS1713010


Hochwertiger Tire Carrier der Firma Poison Spyder für den harten Offroad Einsatz

Bekanntes Tire Carrier Konzept, wie man es vom Hardcore Rock Crawling kennt.

-Bis 40" Reifen möglich

-Made in th USA / handgeschweißt

-kombinierbar mit Original oder Aftermarket Stoßstangen

-Montagepunkte für Roto-Pax oder Hi-Lift



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Poison Spyder PS1713010 Spare wheel holder Body Mounted


Poison Spyder's JK Body Mounted Tire Carrier works with the stock rear bumper or just about any aftermarket rear bumper, and can accomodate up to a 40" spare tire and accessories. The main tire carrier assembly is made of 1-1/2" DOM tubing for strength and great looks. All of the plate steel components are CNC laser cut and brake-formed from 1/8" or 3/16" steel plate. The hinge and latch assemblies are designed to address common issues inherent in similar tire carriers from other manufacturers. The tire carrier comes with mounting points to add several Rot-Pax™ fluid packs as well as a Hi-Lift™ jack

A New Approach To "Body Mounted" Tire Carriers
In designing this product, Poison Spyder re-wrote the book on body-mounted tire carriers. We leaked the first prototype photos over a year before the product's eventual launch, so we could take the necessary time to engineer a product that addressed the major weaknesses we saw in competing body mounted tire carriers of this style. Chief among those issues is the inherent weakness that simply mounting to the Jeep's body does entail. Particularly on the driver's side, where the tire carrier latches and half the weight of the spare tire, wheel, carrier, jack, fluid jugs, etc. are attached. Unlike the passenger side, where strength is built into the body at the factory to support the tailgate and the stock spare tire, at the driver's side there's simply not enough strength in the flimsy exterior sheetmetal to support the load properly. Competing tire carriers simply bolt to the exterior sheet metal on the driver's side, and in two separate brackets with small footprints. Poison Spyder's latch plate is a one-piece vertical assembly with a large footprint to more effectively spread the load. Furthermore, we've engineered a set of internal gussets that are installed within the body cavity behind the taillight, to tie the latch plate into the heavier duty inner tub structure of the Jeep.

Cam-Adjustable For Perfect Fit & Operation
Different size tires and accessory configurations can cause any swing-out tire carrier to sag slightly, causing difficulties in proper installation and ease of operation. Poison Spyder has engineered an ingenious cam adjustment system into the upper hinge assembly, to allow for adjustment to accomodate any size and weight of tire, wheel and accessories. Once properly adjusted, the tire carrier easily opens with one hand regardless of the weight load it is carrying.

Fits ANY Tire/Wheel Combo Up To 40"
The spare tire mounts into the Tire Carrier using a large ACME-threaded rod and fabricated wingnut with a urethane centering cone. This mounting method works with any wheel bolt pattern, center hole size, wheel offset or diameter. And the "cage" of the tire carrier is designed to fit around up to a 40" diameter tire. Starting out small but thinking of upgrading in tire size down the road? This tire carrier already has that flexibility built in.

License Plate Re-location
Installing the Poison Spyder JK Body Mounted Tire Carrier requires relocating the license plate. But that's a good thing, as the stock location leaves the license plate hanging out on the driver's side where it can be torn off by rocks or trees in tight situations. We provide a License Plate Delete Cover in the kit, to fill the hole in the Jeep's body that is left when removing the stock license plate mount. The license plate is relocated to the center of the Tire Carrier where it is more secure. For those in areas where a license plate light is required by law, our LED License Plate and Third Brake Light with 6ft Extension Harness is sold separately.

Ready To Install Accessories
With the Poison Spyder JK Body Mounted Tire Carrier its easy to mount accessories such as Roto-Pax™ fluid or storage packs, or a Hi-Lift™ jack. The Tire Carrier already has mounting holes for up to four Roto-Pax units. Mount two 2-Gallon Fluid Packs or Storage Packs (or a combination) on the rear at either side of the license plate. And you can also mount a 1-gallon Fluid Pack on each side of the Tire Carrier (note that mounting one on the driver's side makes it a little more inconvenient—though not impossible—to reach the T-Lock handle to open the Tire Carrier). Mounting holes are already CNC laser cut into the Tire Carrier's gusset plates to accept Roto-Pax™ Pack Mounts (not included).
There are two choices for mounting your Hi-Lift™ Jack. The Tire Carrier comes with mounting holes to locate the Jack vertically on the passenger side (instead of a Roto-Pax). Or if you'd like to get the jack higher out of the way, it can be mounted horizontally across the back of the tire carrier, above the Roto-Pax's. A Hi-Lift Jack Mount Hardware Kit is sold separately to provide the bolts, nuts, washers and bushings you'll need to attach the jack to the Tire Carrier.

Works with Stock or Aftermarket Components
The Poison Spyder JK Body Mounted Tire Carrier is designed to work with an otherwise bone-stock Jeep JK, as a stronger, better looking replacement for the stock tire carrier. It fits with the stock taillights without modifications, and it works with the stock rear bumper without issues. But it's also a great addition to your existing Poison Spyder or other manufacturers' exterior components, on already-modified Jeeps. Those Jeeps already equipped with Poison Spyder Crusher Corners may use this Tire Carrier with only some minor trimming to the passenger side Crusher Corner. This Tire Carrier works with any very high clearance rear bumper such as the Poison Spyder BFH Rear Bumper, or with any larger aftermarket bumper that has a recess to accomodate the spare tire, such as the Poison Spyder RockBrawler rear bumpers.

NOTE: Many components of this product ship as bare steel—they will need to be painted or powder coated prior to final installation. We do not offer a powder coat option for this item.

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