Motor Brake System MBS Gigglepin Warn 8274 Upgrades G17003 617001

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Motor Brake System MBS Gigglepin Warn 8274 Upgrades G17003 617001


Avoid that Pesky Over-run and stop your winch instantly!

Re-designed for 2019, the Gigglepin Motor Brake System (MBS) is a fully controllable air operated braking system that mounts in between the winch housing and the motor (i.e in front of the motor), and is suitable for any winch/motors fitted with the multi-splined output shaft (Armature shaft). This includes Warn 8274, GP winches and many lowline winches also.

When switched on, the brake operates automatically, and stops the winch dead when you lift your finger off the in/out switch,
Perfect for tricky hill descents or total control situations.

  • Fully automatic, but can be also switched off when not required.
  • Defaults to 'Off' if either electrical or air supply is lost.
  • Fits in front of the motor(s), meaning fast, simple motor changes
  • No modification required to either Winch or Motor(s)
  • Requires a positive switched electrical supply (switch included in the kit)
  • Requires a constant pressurised air supply (60 to 150psi)
  • Available in 12 or 24v, for single or twin motor applications (please select from the 'Options' tab above)
  • One brake unit per motor (Twin motor kit contains two brake units)
  • Suitable for any winch fitted with the 20T splined armature (output) shaft
  • Supplied as a complete kit, it is easy to install and simple to operate - please see video.
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