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This is the most revolutionary hole saw tube notcher on the market and is perfect for chassis, roll cages, and much more. The heart of this machine is the unique design of the self centering capture vise that allows the ability to clamp onto bent tubes in any direction. This is the only hole saw tubing notcher that is always centered left to right and up and down.

This coping machine is constructed of heavy steel plate to reduce vibration, uses a 1-1/4” Thompson® shaft that rides in a sealed needle bearing for longevity of the machine and hole saw. The TN-250 tube notchers vise has a powerful screw with a built in hand wheel that opens and closes the unique six radial clamping jaws. This totally unique design to Baileigh tubing notchers easily allows for securely clamping and notching on a bend or straight of tubing.

The TN-250 tube notcher can notch up to 2-1/2” OD and allows for steep angles as the hole saw can pivot up to 230 degrees making it the most versatile notching machine on the market. This tubing notcher can easily offset in seconds for off center notches and does not require crazy shims or spacers common on inferior models.

To further compliment the experience of this revolutionary tube notcher the Thompson® shaft has a replaceable hex insert for drill connection, that saves the main arbor shaft. A large degree plate is included with a very visible pointer for exact degree angles every time. This tubing notcher has a fully adjustable axis to accommodate almost any notch combination considering the pivot moves left to right up to 230 degrees, there are two slotted mounting rails for almost any position of the bearing block, and finally we have the easily adjusted position for up and down.

All in all, Baileigh’s TN-250 tubing notcher offers the most revolutionary design, quality construction and function of any other vise or table mounted hole saw tube notcher on the market for a reasonable investment.


  • Notch Capacity (OD): 1” – 2.5”
  • Angle Adjustment: 0-230 deg
  • Motor: N/A
  • Power Requirement: 1/2” Drill
  • Shipping Dimensions (L/W/H): 32” / 24” / 24”

Bi-Metal Hole Saw Options:

  Saw Diameter
Part # Inches mm
BIM-HS-1000T 1" 25
BIM-HS-1250T 1-1/4" 32
BIM-HS-1500T 1-1/2" 38
BIM-HS-1750T 1-3/4" 44
BIM-HS-2000T 2" 51
BIM-HS-2250T 2-1/4" 57
BIM-HS-2500T 2-1/2" 63


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