Gigglepin AR12W Power 12 High power advanced digital external battery regulator

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Gigglepin AR12W Power 12 High power advanced digital external battery regulator


After working with offroad race vehicles for more than 15 years, it was clear that standard alternators were not up to the job of keeping pace with requirements of our battery charging.
After lengthy research and testing we have found two products that raise the bar in battery charging and battery management taking both to a new level.

These units unleash the alternators potential supplying a high rate of charge as the battery demands it, even on tick over.
These are a must have for the serious vehicle user.
This regulator is designed for 12v systems using alternators up to 150amp

Fully waterproof and using advanced digital technology improves your battery life and delivers upto 80% more usable battery power than your standard alternator regulator. It does this while fully protecting your batteries and charging system. IP67 waterproof rating also makes it ideal for wet and dusty conditions associated to hardcore offroad expeditions and racing.
Can be used with a battery temperature sensor for total control.
Size 120x80x45mm
weight 0.4kg


  • Four stage digital charging
  • Charges batteries as they demand power, even on tick over
  • Increases alternator charging efficiency from 200 to 2000%
  • Charges batteries between 4-20 faster than a standard set up
  • Battery plates kept free of sulphate giving increased battery life
  • Increases available battery power by upto 70/80%
  • Ramped charging
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • LED display
  • Works with 99% of all alternators
  • Simple to install
  • Works along side the existing alternator regulator to give inbuilt redundancy
  • Charges lead acid, gel and AGM batteries
  • Fit and forget technology

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